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C F Strata Management References

As chairman of the executive committee I have had the great pleasure to work with Chris Haldezos for the past couple of years.

He has always been very knowledgeable, diplomatic, insightful, polite and easy to deal with on every occasion.  His assistance on managing common property repairs is outstanding and you never need to ask more than once for work to be carried out.

Chris Haldezos is the reason why the Owners Corporation continues having their Strata Management Records handled by C.F. Strata Management.

Mary-Ellen Russell, Chairperson  -   Yorktown Parade,  Maroubra

Joe at C.F. Strata Management has always provided great service. He has a thorough knowledge of the strata system and provides prompt and personable service.

Adam Kilburn,   Executive Committee member  -  Strata Plan 1776, 752 Anzac Parade, Kingsford

We are lucky to have Chris Haldezos as our strata manager. His people skills, knowledge of strata regulations and calm manner are evident both in Annual General Meetings and in telephone discussions. Queries and problems are addressed speedily and efficiently and he goes out of his way to find any information or service requested.

Erina Walker,  Executive Committee member  -  Strata Plan in Dulwich Hill

C.F. Strata Management has managed our Strata Plan for over 15 years for which I have been the chairperson for the last 7 years.

During this time we have carried out various major building projects which Scott McInness has provided advice and assistance. Scott’s input was always valuable and greatly appreciated by the Executive Committee.

I have found Scott to be professional, personable and easy to contact when we have needed his assistance or advice. All the staff at C.F. Strata Management were found to be happy to help in any way they can. I would gladly recommend C.F. Strata Management.

Ahmed Khamis,  Chairperson  -  Strata Plan 18362 - Mount Street, Coogee

Re: C F Strata Management & Alfina Braiding

I am currently Chairperson of the Owners Corporation’s Executive Committee – Strata Plan 1024. In that capacity my fellow Committee members and I are in constant contact with Alfina Braiding, who is Strata Manager at C.F. Strata Management in Kingsford.

Unit buildings have a rather notorious reputation for being difficult to manage and therefore require good, solid support from Strata Managers. In that area we are fortunate indeed to Alfina as our Strata Manager. She is totally professional, knowledgeable, efficient and effective in that role and has assisted me and the Committee whenever required.

Over the past decade we have managed to upgrade our building to a level now attracting strong support from our Owners and tenants and have brought about an increase in the value of our Units, as evidenced in recent very good sales. To upgrade the building took a great deal of work and without Alfina’s professionalism and expertise, that job would have been very difficult indeed.

On a personal level, I have need to constantly contact Alfina and have always received courteous, expert and, as I’ve said above, totally professional support from her. She is a delight to deal with and I am looking forward to a continuous successful association with her.

Margaret McLenaghan ,  Chairperson  -  Strata Plan 1024 - Wentworth Street, Randwick

C.F. Strata Management has been managing the strata block of thirty five units (Strata Plan 8129) since the building was built in 1974.

I have lived here since 1978 and have been an ongoing member of the Executive Committee and currently Chairperson and I am pleased to give my support and recommendation to the services provided by C.F. Strata Management.

The Executive Committee always gets a personal level of service from the Strata and Company Manager Scott McInness and his experience and knowledge is invaluable in making the best decisions for the building. He is always there to give us professional advice and ensures that we comply with all the obligations under the Strata Schemes Management Act.

C.F. Strata Management has excellent contacts with professionals in the building industry ensuring that we get the best advice the first time. If we experience any problems or queries they are attended to promptly and efficiently.     Thank you C.F. Strata Management for a job well done.

Marion Eames,   Chairperson  -  Strata Plan 8129 - 121 Cook Road, Centennial Park

C.F. Strata Management has been looking after our strata for over 20 years.

C F Strata’s personal approach to strata management is why we continue to use them. They make our life easier with their excellent advice and prompt response to any problem or query we may have.

Scott McInness and his staff have always been extremely helpful and are always readily available.

We would highly recommend them as managing agents.

N. Watson , Chairperson  -  SP 4910 Oberon Street Coogee

I was chairperson of our strata for two and a half years and found C.F. Strata Management to be very helpful. I did not know much about strata when I first started but I found Scott was very good with his advice and help. He guided me through some tricky situations and gave me advice and different choices to go back to the committee with. He explained things to me in a way that I would understand. I found his knowledge of all strata laws and his memory of events very impressive.

Breda Luke,  Chairperson  -  SP 3599 – Alison Rd Randwick